Combined courses to take Methenolone

Primobolan (active substance – methenolone) – a steroid largely coincides in terms of effectiveness and effectiveness with masteron, but there are still some differences. The drug comes in two forms – injections and pills. Primobolan is a pretty safe anabol, so it can be recommended to all beginners on their first cycle. With its help, high-quality muscle mass is recruited with an almost complete absence of risk of side effects. This sets it apart from other anabolic steroids. Primobolan doses can range from 180mg to 800mg per week.

Course with Primobolan

Many athletes do not carefully study Primobolan reviews and anabolic properties. They complain that they have not gained weight, while the steroid’s purpose is to consolidate an already existing result, as the reversal phenomenon is of minimal importance. It’s not the anabolic you can gain tens of pounds. Therefore, it is better to include it in the cycle at the end and not at the beginning. Primobolan itself lasts an average of eight weeks, the dosage must be calculated individually for each to reduce the risk of side effects to zero. Basically, the average dose of Primobolan in bodybuilding is 300-400mg per week.

Primobolan injections still have a relatively low cost and greater effectiveness. It’s no secret that Primobolan Depot was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite steroid. This AC is considered safe and at the same time effective for drying and gaining muscle mass.

As in the case of Masteron, it is advisable to combine it with several other medications to gain maximum muscle mass and obtain comfortable, high-quality relief. For example, you can also take testosterone, nandrolone, sutanone, anadrol or methandrostenolone. As the anabolic test is considered mild, its use by women is also acceptable.

If you take a drying course, Winstrol will be of great help to you. This anabolic steroid has proven its effectiveness and is priced insufficiently high. You can often find low quality primobolan at very low cost, there will definitely be no course effect, but again you can put your liver at risk as there will be no methenolone but a cheaper steroid eg dominate.

Weight course: Primobolan + Nandrolone Decanoate

The combination of Primobolan with Nandrolone Decanoate allows to obtain very excellent quality. According to experts in sports medicine, this bike can be considered one of the safest.

  • From the 1st to the 7th week – nandrolone decanoate is administered in the amount of 0.4 grams (weekly dose).
  • From the 1st to the 7th week – Primobolan takes 0.3 grams (weekly dose).
  • Weeks 2 to 9 – Every four days, consume 0.4 milligrams of cabergoline.

Quality First: Primobolan + Testosterone Enanthate

Almost similar results can be obtained by combining primobolan with long testosterone esters.

  • From the 1st to the 8th week – Primobolan is administered in the amount of 0.3 grams (weekly dose).
  • From the 1st to the 8th week – Testosterone enanthate is administered in the amount of 0.5 grams (weekly dose).
  • 2nd to 9th week – every other day, take 0.5 milligrams of anastrozole.

Drying course: Primobolan + Winstrol

Use the first steroid as per the above schedule and put Winstrol daily at 50 milligrams. The effectiveness of healing will increase if testosterone propionate is introduced into its composition at a dose of 100 mg / day.

For drying and pulp quality: oxandrolone + primobolan + testosterone propionate

This steroid cycle with Primobolan is especially popular with fighters and sprinters. The effect is an increase in a small amount of mass, a large increase in endurance and strength. Cycle duration averages 6 to 8 weeks followed by PCT or infusion. All three steroids are taken at the same time throughout the course in the following doses:

  • Testosterone Propionate 50 or 100 mg every other day
  • Oxandrolone 50mg per day
  • Primobolan 100mg every other day.

For your convenience, you can mix Primobolan steroid and Testosterone Propionate in one syringe.