Primobolan Depot: results, side effects

What are the effects of Primobolan injection?

The Primobolan injection course can give athletes a variety of results. The drug was originally used for medicinal purposes, for which it was synthesized in the laboratory. The active substance helps to fight muscle wasting and also helps to increase the effectiveness of the immune system in its benign disorders. The drug may not have a strong effect on weight gain, which makes the difference between deca and anadrol. At the same time, its effectiveness remains high during the period between presentations.

In professional sports, athletes tend to buy primobolan injections in Ukraine to get them:

  • the growth of the organism’s energetic properties;
  • accelerated protein synthesis;
  • significant increase in resistance;
  • better muscle relief;
  • removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • fights fat deposits.

The price of injectable Primobolan remains affordable, so every athlete who wants to improve his own body can be convinced of the drug’s benefits. The limited anabolic and androgenic effect makes the negative aspects of taking any drug less of a concern.

Side effects

Primobolan injection, whose side effects are well-studied thanks to many years of practice in its use, means you can’t worry about aromatization. The active ingredient is not converted to estrogen. For this reason, the drug can be used without the risk of swelling or gynecomastia.
At the same time, the active substance can reduce the production of endogenous testosterone to a small extent. With a low dose, the decline in the production of the male reproductive organism in the body decreases by 50%. A more severe reduction is possible with a longer period of use of the drug.

Primobolan injection should be purchased taking into account the doctor’s recommendations for its use. During the course of the medication, gonadotropin may be required, which helps to prevent testicular atrophy. The drug practically does not cause an increase in the concentration of bad cholesterol in the body. The drug also does not cause an increase in blood pressure. This is facilitated by its low androgenic effect. The drug does not lead to baldness. It rarely causes adverse effects such as:

  • insomnia;
  • aggression;
  • hyperexcitability.

Among the drugs presented to athletes, Primobolan is one of the safest.

Contraindications for use

It will not be difficult to buy Primobolan injections in Kiev. At the same time, the drug must be taken correctly so that it does not cause adverse effects during administration. Among the important contraindications, it is necessary to mark hypersensitivity to the active components that make up the drug. Other contraindications to ingestion are:

  • Liver failure;
  • heart and kidney disease;
  • breastfeeding or pregnancy.

A medical examination before the course will eliminate most contraindications.

Entry benefits

The most important positive properties of a steroid:

  • low risk of side effects;
  • insignificant level of “recovery”;
  • gradual increase in muscle mass;
  • does not increase blood pressure;
  • smallest possible anabolic effect with a small androgenic effect;
  • does not increase cholesterol levels;
  • there is no risk of gynecomastia (benign breast enlargement) because methenolone is not converted to estrogen;
  • maintain muscle mass even when losing weight;
  • moderate fat burning;
  • low level of liver toxicity;
  • Strength indicators also increase with a slight increase in body weight.

Among many drugs similar to the principle of action, Primobolan has a high rating and does not harm the body.