Primobolan Depot: solo course

Pharmacological effect

Methenolone, which is the main component of the drug, acts as a substance with a moderate androgenic and anabolic effect. After the drug enters the human body, methenolone begins to act on the receptors, leading to an increase in the synthesis of protein structures in the body. The result is a rapid build-up of muscle mass. Muscles also gain a stiffer shape and extra elasticity. Athletes feel an increase in strength and improve their endurance performance.

The anabolic effect of the drug will be moderate and the androgenic effect will remain weak compared to other drugs for athletes. The drug is often included in drying courses when it is important for a bodybuilder to get more appealing relief. The drug can also contribute to a set of muscle mass.

The difference between methenolone and dihydrotestosterone is the presence of a double bond between the first and second carbons in their formula. Such a change in the active component molecule led to it becoming resistant to metabolism. When the drug enters the blood, it reaches its optimal concentration and retains it longer. Methenolone cannot bind globulin in large volumes.

Primobolan injection course

How to take Primobolan injection? This question interests most bodybuilders who want to achieve high results. Sports drugs can be combined to enhance the effect, but here it is important to remember how to compose complex tracks correctly. The drug is more suitable for drying, as it can effectively remove excess fat, as well as increase the degree of veins. The average dose of the drug is 400 mg of the substance per week. Beginners can start with a dose of 300 mg to better understand the drug’s properties.

The injectable form of the drug means that the PCT regimen starts three weeks after the drug ends. Primobolan injections can also be ordered by girls as the drug has a rather weak androgenic effect. At the same time, to minimize masculinization, the drug should be used in low doses, compared with men. When does Primobolan injection start to work? The duration of exposure to the body of tablets does not exceed 5 hours, and the form of injection is different, as it prolongs the activity of the substance in the body.

Before starting treatment with this anabolic, it is recommended to consult your doctor who will help you choose the most appropriate dose. Its instructions help to avoid the manifestation of adverse reactions when taking the drug.

Dosage Primobolan Depot

Primobolan is a relatively weak anabolic, so it makes no sense to use it at doses lower than 300mg/week for less than 10 weeks.

I think a good first cycle dose is around 400mg/week along with >500mg/week of testosterone.

It is very gentle on the body and at standard doses, side effects are virtually non-existent. For this reason, it can be used even at doses > 1 mg/week if your budget allows.

Using Primobolan alone is a bad idea. Methenolone does not aromatize and is even a weak AI, which means you will have problems with very low estradiol levels after a few weeks. It is also a rather weak androgen, so although it often increases libido in combination with other substances, a marked decrease can be expected in this case.

Primo should always be used (except at very low doses for women) in combination with another estradiol-producing steroid such as testosterone, dbol or nandrolone.